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6月 9th, 2022

Lisod’s offshore app development service







When should your company hire an offshore app development service?

  • Are you looking for an affordable solution for your application development?
  • Are you looking for access to modern and diverse technologies?
  • Are you looking for advice from experts for app development?





Offshore app development is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to create a mobile application. Nowadays, this practice is widely accepted by various enterprises across many industries. It means hiring a remote developer team located in another country to build a program that supports your demand. 



Are you having an upcoming mobile app project? Are you considering an offshore development service? Are you struggling to choose a reputable offshoring company for your project?



Lisod Vietnam might be a great suggestion. By having high – trained and experienced coders, the app development service of Lisod Vietnam can comprehensively satisfy your requirements. 




The benefits of offshore app development

  • Affordable costs

Offshoring is one of the effective ways to save money in an application development project. The cost in each country is different depending on the exchange rate, tax policy, labor cost, etc. For instance, the cost of living in outsourcing locations such as Vietnam, and India is significantly lower than in the US, UK, or Europe. Therefore, by hiring a company in another country you can fully take advantage of the cost without being geographical location bound. Outsourcing application development also helps you cut down on recruitment, training, and office fees.



  • Saving time

If you do not have a good team of software engineers at your company, choosing to use offshore app development services will help you save a lot of time. Instead of spending time on recruiting, training, and retaining employees, you can concentrate your resources on other core activities of the company. Besides, the work is contract-bound, so outsourcing developers will deliver the results on time, avoiding the backlog which is the common problem of in-house teams. 



  • Global talent pool

To fully meet the needs of customers, Lisod Vietnam provides dedicated teams of experienced programming engineers. One of Lisod’s best offerings is an offshore dedicated team for software development. This service will address the client’s recruitment and management needs.




Lisod app development service




Process of offshore app development service in Lisod

  • Planning

Lisod will first receive documents and project requirements from the customer. After reading and studying the document, an application development plan will be formed. This plan will continue to be discussed by QA and BrSe with the customer to make final adjustments. At the same time, Lisod will also advise on technology solutions so that customers can optimize the time and cost of the project.



  • Building

Lisod’s experienced team of programmers will build the application and continuously update the progress with customers, ensuring the project is completed on time.



  • Testing

The highly skilled and experienced QA and BrSe teams are always the pride of Lisod. Applications are thoroughly tested before being delivered to customers. In addition, all QA and BrSe of Lisod are fluent in Japanese and English, ensuring that they can answer all questions about the app.



  • Release

The company delivers products to customers according to the contract. Lisod’s product warranty policy is always at the top of offshore app development companies in Vietnam.




Why should you choose Lisod’s app development team? 

  • High-tech team


  1. Our engineers have IT degrees from top universities in Japan and Vietnam.
  2. Veteran CTO with advanced development experience
  3. Compatible with the latest blockchain and AI technologies
  4. BRSEs and Engineers who are fluent in Japanese, English



  • High-level security 

With ISO accreditation, we adhere to security standards, maintaining network security and detecting and preventing intrusions, assaults. We will continue to improve our security to keep our customers’ confidence.



  • Experienced in developing different types of apps

Having the trust of customers, we have had the opportunity to develop many different types of applications, such as dating apps, map apps, call apps, and education apps.

With precision and high-skill programmers, every customer’s idea can be realized perfectly by Lisod Vietnam. 



  • Experienced management teams

With a team of experienced QA and Testers, fluent in Japanese and English, Lisod can confidently ensure product quality and progress according to customer requirements.



  • We provide free IT consultation services

During the mobile app development process, Lisod’s experienced software engineers are very willing to provide free advice and technical consultancy to clients, ensuring the optimization of the application’s performance in terms of both price and usability. 



  • Experienced UX / UI designer team

The design team is highly skilled and competent. We not only finish according to the required requirements, but we also provide ideas for bettering the design.



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