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6月 8th, 2022

Lisod’s offshore dedicated team for software development





Top issues that need offshore dedicated team according to research 2022

  • Lack of a team of skilled engineers to support your business satisfaction
  • Lack of engineering personnel to expand employment
  • Lack of maintenance and operation engineers
  • Difficulty in dealing with constant changes in business




Lisod’s dedicated team will help you handle all problems in the most professional way!





Offshore dedicated team” is called the lab-type development or offshore development center. This is a type of software development service transaction with offshore companies. This service assists the client in securing a team of skilled engineers to work for you for a certain period.



To fully meet the needs of customers, Lisod Vietnam provides dedicated teams of experienced programming engineers. One of Lisod’s best offerings is an offshore dedicated team for software development. This service will address the client’s recruitment and management needs.




What is the difference between Project based contract and Dedicated team contract

The project-based contract is beneficial if the customer needs their product produced to the complete specification supplied to the engineering team by a specific date (typically within a short period). In contrast, the client who needs to develop a new system in the medium to long term will pick a Dedicated team contract. The development of the laboratory will handle all the client issues when the contract is started.



  Project-based contract Dedicated team contract
Contract features
  • Contracts need to be detailed and complex
  • 50% contract bill when start developing the project, 50% contract amount in acceptance period
  • a new contract needs to be made if the product needs to be modified
  • Firmed engineers team due to contract
  • Simplify procedures, save time but provide superior service
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • No need to create contracts for each project
  • Having full-stack software development services with a team of high-tech engineers
Development model
  • Waterfall Methodology
  • A method of working in which the team must complete each project phase before continuing on to the next phase
  • Agile Methodology
  • Agile allows the team to work on multiple phases of the project at the same time
Contract flexibility
  • The timeline and the quantity of work will be specifically written in the contract
  • Technical and system changes can be adjusted even while the contract is running
  • Resources could be changed according to customer demands during the contract period
Contracting Restrictions
  • Short-term collaboration
  • Costs incurred as a result of a technical change
  • From the time the contract is written, the requirements must be predetermined
  • Customers must actively participate in the software development process with developers, such as specifying performance specifications, monitoring progress, verifying delivered products, and so on



Agile and waterfall comparison 



To know more about the great benefits of Dedicated team development, please follow this article: Dedicated team – Legalit



Top projects suitable for offshore dedicated team

Dedicated team outsourcing is suitable for medium to long-term projects. We will introduce projects that can best take advantage of Dedicated team development.



  • Operation and refurbishment of existing Web services

When you want to create an existing application or web service, dedicated team IT outsourcing is an excellent option. These products frequently need detailed testing, such as improvement, refurbishing, and specification revisions. Lisod Vietnam can deliver a high-quality software engineer team quickly and at a “Vietnamese” cost.



  • Agile development

Agile development is the most well-known agile software development methodology in software environments. This method makes it possible for programmers to test the functions in the software in small units. The characteristic of agile development is that it is often changed and corrected in the course of work. Therefore, Lisod can always change members of the engineering team to meet customer requirements without changing prices if appropriate.




Why should you choose Lisod’s dedicated team

  • High-tech team


  1. Our engineers have IT degrees from top universities in Japan and Vietnam
  2. Veteran CTO with advanced development experience
  3. Compatible with the latest blockchain and AI technologies
  4. BRSEs and Engineers who are fluent in Japanese, English.



  • The guarantee of a dedicated team of engineers working for a long time


  1. Not only does Lisod always provide customers with experienced engineers, but we also allow customers to change team members according to their needs.
  2. Lisod’s dedicated team development eliminates any cost or job risk, even if you want to expand resources in a short time.
  3. Lisod’s ability to work is always at the top of offshore companies in Vietnam. You will always be satisfied by the best Lisod technical team! 


Let Lisod help you to build your digital empire!


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  • Dedicated team contract are flexible in responding to changes in specifications

You can change your requirements and specifications at any time. Lisod will be there for you every step of the way during the Dedicated team building process.



  • High-level security 

With ISO accreditation, we adhere to security standards, maintaining network security and detecting and preventing intrusions, assaults. We will continue to improve our security to keep our customers’ confidence.



  • No more upstream procedure

In project-based contracts, the customer is usually in charge of the upstream process, but in dedicated team development (Dedicated team contract), we can handle any process.



  • Top dedicated engineer teams 

You can always rest assured with Lisod Vietnam’s  Dedicated team development service. We always advise and provide the most suitable technicians to the needs of our customers. In addition, you can change other experienced engineers according to the requirements arising in the project.



  • Know-how accumulation

Engineers will continue to work even after the project is completed. This will help your business accumulate know how to improve the quality and speed of development.



When your business is on the rise, let Lisod’s dedicated team help you reach the top of your career!



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