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6月 9th, 2022

Lisod’s offshore system development service







Does your company have the following problems?

  • Are you having a limited budget?
  • Are you looking for talented, experienced programmers?
  • Do you want to speed up your system development time to capture market opportunities?





Offshore system development is one of the IT outsourcing services. This is a common practice where a company will transfer work related to system development to an individual or company overseas at a low cost.



Lisod Vietnam is an IT company that is very active in markets international. With a talented and professional system development team with many years of experience, Lisod can solve all problems and concerns of customers during system development.




Benefits of offshore system development

  • Cost efficiency

Offshore system development service is designed to save maximum costs for customers. Customers do not have to worry about issues such as recruitment, training, and infrastructure, but can focus on other core values ​​of the business. In addition, with offshore services, businesses can fully take advantage of the price advantages in the country of the outsourcing company.



  • High scalability

Business development is a challenging and volatile process, so it will be difficult to determine the number of programmers you need throughout a project. Offshore software development service allows you to easily add programmers when you want to speed up the project or reduce the number of experts when you no longer have work for them. This way, you will avoid overpaying and time-consuming recruiting.



  • Risk minimization

Offshore system development service is committed to handing the final product to you on time and with carefully checked quality. Because there is a commitment to the quality of the final product, for each project, the outsourcing company includes a team of talented and experienced project managers, QA, and BrSe, responsible for debugging programming to ensure the product works smoothly.



  • Saved Time

While the offshore company is in charge of the entire system development process, you will have more time to focus on developing other business core competencies. Best of all, you don’t have to spend time and resources on recruiting, training, and retaining employees.



  • Expert

One of the advantages of using offshore system development services is that you can cooperate with a variety of software experts from many parts of the world. Outsourcing allows you to hire as many people as you want. So you can hire an offshore company by considering the different strengths of a variety of different talents and experts.





Lisod offshore system development service




System development flow with Lisod

  • Planning

The company will first receive documents and project requirements from the customer. After reading and studying the document, an system development plan will be formed. This plan will continue to be discussed by QA and BrSe with the customer to make final adjustments. At the same time, the company will also advise on technology solutions so that customers can optimize the time and cost of the project.



  • Building

Lisod’s experienced team of programmers will build the system and continuously update the progress with customers, ensuring the project is completed on time.



  • Testing

The highly skilled and experienced QA and BrSe teams are always the pride of Lisod. Applications are thoroughly tested before being delivered to customers. In addition, all QA and BrSe of Lisod are fluent in Japanese and English, ensuring that they can answer all questions about the product.



  • Release

The company delivers products to customers according to the contract. Lisod’s product warranty policy is always at the top of offshore system development companies in Vietnam.



Why should you choose Lisod’s system development?

  • High-tech team


  1. Our engineers have IT degrees from top universities in Japan and Vietnam.
  2. Veteran CTO with advanced development experience.
  3. Compatible with the latest blockchain and AI technologies.
  4. BRSEs and Engineers who are fluent in Japanese, English.



  • High-level security 

With ISO accreditation, we adhere to security standards, maintaining network security and detecting and preventing intrusions, assaults. We will continue to improve our security to keep our customers’ confidence.



  • Experienced management teams 

Lisod reliably assure product quality and progress in accordance with client requirements with to a staff of professional QA and Testers that are proficient in Japanese and English.



  • Top system engineer teams 

You can always rest assured with Lisod service. We always advise and provide the most suitable technicians to the needs of our customers. In addition, you can change other experienced engineers according to the requirements arising in the project.



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