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6月 9th, 2022

Lisod’s website development service




Does your company have the following problems?

  • Want to develop a website to serve business needs but the service price is too high?
  • Want to maintain or develop your website but don’t have the manpower?
  • Lack of good software engineers to develop websites satisfactorily?
  • Need to quickly build a website for your business?



Lisod’s website development team will help you handle all problems in the most professional way!




What is website development for IT outsourcing?

Website development for IT outsourcing is a type of web development service transaction with outsourcing companies. This service assists customers in ensuring a team of skilled engineers work and develop your website.

Lisod Vietnam provides an excellent website development team along with experienced programming engineers to fully meet the needs of customers. Website development is one of Lisod’s best services. This service will overcome any concerns regarding website improvement or experienced engineers.



Not only completing your request well, we will always follow up and give suggestions to improve the website in the best way!




Difference in website development between outsourcing model and in-house team model

Outsourcing website development means that the project owner has authorized the entire web development process to a third party (Outsource company). Outsourcing company contracted to provide web designers, developers and other professionals managed by project manager. Project manager is also responsible for analyzing website development progress for project owners.


The in-house team involves the project owner assembling their own website development team. They collaborate on the project as a single company. All activities will be under the control of the project owner.


The table below compares these two models so you can make an informed decision based on your needs:



Model Advantages Disadvantages
Outsourcing website development
  • Less expensive than in-house development
  • Completely staffed team
  • Expert engineers
  • Professionals Well-organized development process
  • Rapid start
  • Ideal for new project development.
  • Control over the development process is reduced.
  • Transparency is lacking.
  • Problems with remote collaboration
  • The risk of providing information regarding
In-house team website development
  • High security for confidential data
  • Communication is smooth.
  • Complete command of the development process
  • Great for long-term projects
  • Expensive
  • Hiring is a time-consuming process.
  • Slow start
  • Short-term projects are inefficient and resource-intensive.


Because each project is unique in terms of scale, data sensitivity, and other factors, there is no universal answer as to which model is best.


Consider all of the factors and choose the best solution for you. If the benefits of outsourcing website development are sufficient for your needs, please contact Lisod and schedule a free consultation to discuss your project! 


Moreover, Lisod’s website development team has some solutions for the disadvantages of the outsourcing model. Let’s check it below!




Flow of web production service in Lisod

  • Planning

We will listen to your requests and propose plans for what kind of site you want to make. Define your site goals and estimate time and cost.



  • Website production

Site-wide structural design – UI/UX design – Effect programming – Backend integration – Responsive web design.



  • Customization and maintenance

Customize the site structure, interface, and functions. We also improve website performance and provide SEO consulting.




Why should you choose Lisod’s website development team

  • High-tech team


  1. Our engineers have IT degrees from top universities in Japan and Vietnam.
  2. Veteran CTO with advanced development experience
  3. Compatible with the latest blockchain and AI technologies
  4. BRSEs and Engineers who are fluent in Japanese, English




Lisod’s ability to work is always at the top of outsourcing companies in Vietnam. You will always be satisfied by the best Lisod technical team!




  • High experience in implementing many website development projects


  1. We have worked through 100+ different projects on website development. We have strengths in website created for Food Ordering, Matching Site, Recruitment, EC / net shop, News and entertainment portal, Travel, E-commerce, Education, Banks, and financial institutions, etc
  2. We have projects that hit 100,000 hits at launch. Check out our projects by registering for a free consultation!



  • High-level security

With ISO accreditation, we adhere to security standards, maintaining network security and detecting and preventing intrusions, assaults. We will continue to improve our security to keep our customers’ confidence.



  • Top website engineer teams of Lisod Vietnam

You can always rest assured with Lisod Vietnam’s service. We always advise and provide the most suitable technicians to the needs of our customers. In addition, you can change other experienced engineers according to the requirements arising in the project.



  • Customization support

Customize and support your website as your business grows.



  • SEO measures

In order to increase the ability to attract customers, the marketing department will provide SEO consulting.



  • User friendly and UX / UI

The design team is highly skilled and competent; we not only finish according to the required requirements, but we also provide ideas for bettering the design.



When your business is on the rise, let Lisod’s help you reach the top of your career!

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