Our customer in Japan is a company focused on providing mapping services. By using modern technology, the Lisod team has developed a unique mapping platform that allows users to search for specific locations with ease.

         Services: Discovery Phase, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Testing DevOps support

         Industry: Digital Map

         Location: Japan

Business context

Our map application is a solution in the field of digital map services. Developed by the Lisod team, the app leverages modern technologies to deliver a unique and effective mapping platform for our Japanese customer. With a focus on user convenience, real-time tracking and customization, the application meets the growing market demand for innovative and reliable mapping solutions. Our competitive advantage lies in the expertise of the Lisod team, ensuring the application is user-friendly and fully responsive to the specific requirements  based on a designated category.

The key challenges:

         – The discovery phase with the study of all possible problems

         – Creation of the convenient and intuitive UX/UI design

         – Developing and releasing MVP in a short time

         – Build a microservice architecture to withstand high loads

Work Approach     

1. Agile methodology

If SCRUM is about ease of management, the Agile methodology empowers us. Along with high control over the project, we efficiently and quickly adapt to changes and implement unexpected tasks.

2. SCRUM approach

SCRUM assures quality and delivers iterations quickly. That’s how we give end customers what they want with two-week sprints and demos of each feature that our clients and QAs closely watch.

3. Close cooperation with the client

Collaboration means sharing values, approaches, transparency, trust, and responsibility. All that allows us to build a robust partnership. Close cooperation with an in-house team allows us to stay in context and feel like part of the client’s crew, which leads to splendid results.


The app had to be intuitive and responsive while processing a high load of data. More intuitive design is very important for a more enjoyable customer journey, and for contributing to higher conversion.

That’s why our process started with the initial brainstorming discovery phase, where we defined the product boundaries, defined the work scope, created the work breakdown structure, wrote the user story, drew architectural diagrams. Next during the UX / UI phase, we made web frames, and tested prototypes of mobile web for admin, courier application, and client app.

We chose React.js, Node.js, ReactNative for on demand delivery app development because these tools are modern, advanced and easy to maintain. In addition, these frameworks are based on the same JavaScript language. Our experience with this stack of technologies shows that it allows fast implementation of new features.

Lisod Team 

Our team on this project mainly consists of technical specialists. The team used Slack to work in weekly sprints. Every day, we hold meetups and chats to discuss features and prioritize the backlog. The secret component of our successful collaboration with the client is the passion of Lisods experts. It was reiterated by the client, who involved us deeply in the context, allowing us to feel like part of the team..

Project Manager Official: Project manager

Technical Department: Back-end engineers, Front-End engineers, Integration specialists, DevOps Engineers