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Our Japanese client provides businesses and candidates with a comprehensive platform that optimizes candidates’ access to various job opportunities. The Lisod team is proud to exploit advanced technologies to optimize the platform.


Business Context

Our Japanese client requested a service that specializes in providing solutions for employment and career development. Intending to help job seekers create impressive profiles and attract attention from employers, this platform also provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses solve all problems surrounding recruitment issues at the same time. 


Through the use of innovative technology, Lisod provides customers with a website of career and personal development educational resources, helping users better understand how to build and grow their careers. With fee flexibility, this platform is considered a reliable partner for those looking to enhance their career opportunities.


Work Approach     

       1. SCRUM approach

SCRUM assures quality, as well as delivering iterations quickly, moving on SDLC fast. That’s how we give end customers what they want with two-week sprints and demos of each feature that our client’s QAs and QCs closely watch.


      2. Flexible frameworks

We needed our service to respond to system actions with the smallest possible penalty in effort, time, cost, and performance. We achieved this using the most flexible frameworks and libraries. This allowed us to dynamically manage features and functionality yet keep the focus on desirable outcomes and clients’ business goals.


      3. Close cooperation with client

Collaboration means sharing the same values, approaches, transparency, trust, and responsibility. All that allows us to build a robust partnership. Close cooperation with an in-house team allows us to stay in context and feel like part of the client’s crew, which leads to splendid results


      4. Development under the ISO guidance

To ensure robust security and high-quality deliverables, Lisod followed ISO guidance during the development process. We adhered to ISO standards, such as ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 9001 for quality management. By incorporating security and quality assurance practices, such as regular code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing, Lisod ensured that the developed solutions met the highest standards of security and quality.



          We have established a process that can collect candidate information, increasing the authenticity of user information by collecting candidate information that employers need to know. We also provide LinkedIn links so candidates can increase their credibility with employers. Besides, the application has an easy-to-use interface, easy to operate, allowing candidates to use it smoothly regardless of level or age.


          In the opposite direction, employers will be automatically suggested by the application system to candidates that match their requirements. After that, the employer can directly contact the candidate to receive the CV, the candidate can also do the same. This helps make the work exchange process smoother, faster and more convenient.


Project Tech 

          To revolutionize employers and candidates interactions, we overhauled system performance, resilience, and growth capacity. Consistency enhancements, automated workflows, and robust security strategies, all carefully aligned with the chosen tech stack, eliminated configuration drift and human error. This highlights the technical details and solutions for a more technical audience.


          Front-end: React Js, React Native

          Back-end: Node JS

          Infrastructure: Aws


Lisod Team 

Our team on this project mainly consists of technical specialists. The team used Slack to work in weekly sprints. Every day, we hold meetups and chats to discuss features, and prioritize the backlog. The secret component of our successful collaboration with the client is the passion of Lisods experts. It was reiterated by the client, who involved us deeply in the context, allowing us to feel like part of the team..


          Product team: Project manager

          Development team
          1. Back-end engineers
          2. Front-End engineers
          3. Web app developers

          4. Integration specialists

          5. DevOps Engineers