Online Disease Examination And Diagnosis Application

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Our customer is a medical center that needs to develop an online medical examination and diagnosis application at home. As the Covid 19 epidemic becomes increasingly complicated, patients will no longer have to go straight to the hospital, but instead will have technological solutions to help them easily operate and examine patients at home.

       Services: Discovery Phase, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Testing DevOps support

       Industry: Medical

       Location: Japan


Business context

The idea of the solution originates from the context in which the country is implementing quarantine measures due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our customers wanted a technology solution that would help them examine, diagnose, and treat patients at home and integrate prescriptions and deliver medications to their home.

       Key challenges:

       – Tailoring a complex service to customer requirements

       – Integrate multiple requests without sacrificing application performance

       – Communicate patient requests to doctors

       – Complete end-to-end process on the application


Work Approach

1. Close cooperation with the client

Collaboration means sharing the same values, approaches, transparency, trust, and responsibility. All that allows us to build a robust partnership. Close cooperation with an in-house team allows us to stay in context and feel like part of the client’s crew, which leads to splendid results.

2. SCRUM approach

SCRUM assures quality, as well as delivering iterations quickly, moving on SDLC fast. That’s how we give end customers what they want with two-week sprints and demos of each feature that our clients and QAs closely watch.

3. Agile methodology

If SCRUM is about ease of management, the Agile methodology empowers us with acrobatic and juggling skills. Along with high control over the project, we efficiently and quickly adapt to changes and implement unexpected tasks.



1. Project Management

Our agile team acts as your project’s compass, meticulously navigating from planning to launch. We ensure seamless collaboration and on-time milestones through expert resource allocation, timeline management, and clear communication.

2. Front-End Development

We transform static designs into dynamic experiences. Our UI/UX maestros craft intuitive and visually captivating interfaces for web and mobile applications, utilizing modern technologies to elevate user journeys.

3. Back-End Development

The engine that powers your applications is built by our back-end ninjas. We harness the power of microservices to create scalable architectures, seamlessly integrate databases, implement robust business logic, and safeguard data integrity. Frictionless data synchronization, secure authentication, and smooth external system integration are all in a day’s work for us.

4. Quality Assurance

Our QA team acts as your quality watchdog, meticulously testing throughout the development process. We identify and resolve bugs, enforce coding standards, and validate against requirements, ensuring you receive high-quality, reliable solutions.

5. DevOps Engineering

Streamlining your development lifecycle is our DevOps team’s specialty. We leverage CI/CD pipelines, automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration management, and utilize cloud platforms to guarantee scalability, high availability, and robust security. We also keep a watchful eye on performance, optimize resource utilization, and have disaster recovery plans ready for any eventuality.

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Online Disease Examination And Diagnosis Application

Project Technology

On this project, we mainly worked with mobile development. As there was a need to implement changes fast, we had to choose languages and frameworks that have a wide range of possibilities and open a broad horizon. 

       Front-end: React Js, React Native

       Back-end: Node JS

       Infrastructure: Aws


Lisod Team

Technical firepower met agile methodology on Slack, fueling our weekly sprints. Daily huddles kept features and priorities razor-sharp. But the most potent factor? The unwavering passion of Lisod’s experts. Working side-by-side with the client, their trust unlocked our full potential, resulting in seamless collaboration and exceptional outcomes

       Product team: Project manager

       Development team: Back-end engineers, Front-End engineers, Web app developers,
       Integration specialists, DevOps Engineers