Construction Materials Calculation Application: Costs Show Up With “Just One Touch”

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Our client is a big construction materials supplier. Asking how to calculate the amount of materials needed for certain projects, the client turned to Lisod. Their portfolio is application development, and data integration services. The Lisod team is proud to exploit advanced technologies to optimize the platform.


      Services: Discovery phase, Mobile app development, UI/UX design, Testing, DevOps Support


      Industry: Construction


      Location: Japan


Business Context

Normally, calculating materials to build a project is done by humans and errors often occur. Our customer asked Lisod to create an application that integrates all material information and calculation formulas to be able to produce construction costs with just a few simple information inputs.


Key challenge

      – Integration of material and formulation information on the platform

      – Tailor a complex service for client requests

      – Integrates multiple requests without reducing app performance

      – Smart interface, easy to use


Work Approach     

      1. SCRUM approach

SCRUM assures quality, as well as delivering iterations quickly, moving on SDLC fast. That’s how we give end customers what they want with two-week sprints and demos of each feature that our client’s QAs and QCs closely watch.


      2. Flexible frameworks

We needed our service to respond to system actions with the smallest possible penalty in effort, time, cost, and performance. We achieved this using the most flexible frameworks and libraries. This allowed us to manage features and functionality dynamically yet keep the focus on desirable outcomes and clients’ business goals.


      3. Close cooperation with the client

Collaboration means sharing the same values, approaches, transparency, trust, and responsibility. All that allows us to build a robust partnership. Close cooperation with an in-house team allows us to stay in context and feel like part of the client’s crew, which leads to splendid results.


      4. Development under the ISO guidance

To ensure robust security and high-quality deliverables, Lisod followed ISO guidance during the development process. We adhered to ISO standards, such as ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 9001 for quality management. By incorporating security and quality assurance practices, such as regular code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing, Lisod ensured that the developed solutions met the highest standards of security and quality.



      Project Management: Our dedicated team guides projects from inception to success, overseeing planning, resource allocation, timelines, and clear communication. We employ effective methodologies to foster collaboration, meet milestones, and ensure client satisfaction.


      Back-End Development: We build robust server-side infrastructure and logic, powering applications through scalable microservices architectures. We integrate databases, implement business logic, and guarantee data security and integrity. Our expertise enables seamless data synchronization, user authentication, and external system integration.


      Front-End Development: We craft intuitive and visually appealing UIs for web and mobile applications. Collaborating closely with design teams, we translate mockups into functional and responsive interfaces using modern technologies and frameworks, ensuring seamless user experiences.


      Quality Assurance: Our rigorous testing throughout the development process, from unit and integration to user acceptance, guarantees the reliability, functionality, and usability of our software. We identify and resolve bugs, uphold coding standards, and validate against project requirements, delivering high-quality solutions.


      DevOps Engineering: We streamline development, deployment, and operations with CI/CD pipelines, automated infrastructure provisioning, and configuration management. Leveraging cloud platforms like AWS, we ensure application scalability, high availability, and security. We also monitor performance, optimize resource utilization, and implement robust backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.


      Integration Services: We excel in connecting diverse components within client ecosystems. We integrate with third-party providers, customer systems, data storages, tools, and even robotic IoT services, enabling seamless data flow, real-time synchronization, and streamlined operations. By integrating various platforms and systems, Lisod facilitates collaboration, improves data management, automates workflows, and delivers cohesive and scalable solutions that meet client business needs.


Project Tech 

      Carefully chosen technologies like React Js, React Native, Node JS, and AWS form a robust tech stack, ensuring unparalleled consistency. Automated workflows and rigorous security strategies eliminate configuration drift and human error, guaranteeing immaculate performance and stability. This meticulous approach caters to a discerning technical audience, showcasing the depth of our expertise and the precision of our solutions.


      Front-end: React Js, React Native

      Back-end:Node JS

      Infrastructure: Aws


Lisod Team 

Our team on this project mainly consists of technical specialists. The team used Slack to work in weekly sprints. Every day, we hold meetups and chats to discuss features and prioritize the backlog. The secret component of our successful collaboration with the client is the passion of Lisods experts. It was reiterated by the client, who involved us deeply in the context, allowing us to feel like part of the team..


      Project Manager Official: Project manager

      Technical Department: Back-end engineers, Front-End engineers, Integration specialists DevOps Engineers