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Our client contacted us with the idea of creating a project that would connect people to become a couple, even if they are far apart. So the dating app is gone. With just simple operations, users can know the other person’s verified information to move forward with further relationships.

        Services: Discovery phase, Mobile app development, UI/UX design, Testing, DevOps Support

        Industry: Entertainment



Business Context:

Our client’s idea is an application that can connect users based on geographical location (Japan and Vietnam) and personal preferences. It allows users to view each other’s initial basic profiles, evaluate pictures and information, then decide if they are interested in swiping right or left. From here, they can view more authentic information such as Facebook, Instagram accounts, etc.

        Key challenges:

        – Tailor a complex service for client requests

        – Integrates multiple requests without reducing app performance

        – Deep and complex user analysis to deliver a truly engaging experience

        – Smart interface, easy to use

        – The App can integrate user information on many social networking platforms


Work Approach :

1. SCRUM approach

SCRUM assures quality, as well as delivering iterations quickly, moving on SDLC fast. That’s how we give end customers what they want with two-week sprints and demos of each feature that our clients and QAs closely watch.

2. Agile methodology

If SCRUM is about ease of management, the Agile methodology empowers us with acrobatic and juggling skills. Along with high control over the project, we efficiently and quickly adapt to changes and implement unexpected tasks.

3. Close cooperation with the client

Collaboration means sharing the same values, approaches, transparency, trust, and responsibility. All that allows us to build a robust partnership. Close cooperation with an in-house team allows us to stay in context and feel like part of the client’s crew, which leads to splendid results.



We tailored a dating app that is warmly perceived by customers. We established a process that can collect customer information, and increase the authenticity of user information by collecting social accounts. Besides, the app had an easy-to-use and easy-to-operate interface, allowing customers to use it smoothly regardless of level or age.

Users had the app system automatically suggest users that match their requirements. Users could choose from among suggested people to chat with and can request information about social network accounts then.


Project Technology:

On this project, we mainly worked with mobile development. As there was a need to implement changes fast, we had to choose languages and frameworks that have a wide range of possibilities and open a broad horizon.

That is why we decided to go with open-source languages, which, despite many beliefs, are entirely safe and, thanks to a vast community of developers, allow us to deliver outstanding products.

          Front-end: React Js, React Native

          Back-end: Node JS

          Infrastructure: Aws


Lisod Team :

Our team on this project mainly consists of technical specialists. The team used Slack to work in weekly sprints. Every day, we hold meetups and chats to discuss features, prioritize the backlog.

           Product team: Project manager

           Development team: Back-end engineers, Front-End engineers, Mobile app developer, QCs, QAs
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