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Reasonable pricing

Give high quality services at reasonable pricing Lab-type development reduces costs by efficiently allocating personnel. Assign PM / BrSE / QA / communicator to all projects.


Professionalism and quality assurance

The BrSE team with over 10 years of experience Assign a team of diligent and excellent programmers and engineers. Even during development, a two-step test will be thoroughly performed by an experienced QA/QC.


Thorough schedule management

Thorough information, reams, and phases will lead the project to success. By holding regular meetings, we can detect and resolve recognition gaps at an early stage. We will lead the project to success by thoroughly communicating, contacting, and consulting.


Offshore Development FAQ

I often face differences in customs and cultures, is this a problem?

・More than 30% of the team have to experience studying in Japan or working in Japan and understand the culture and manners.

・Troubles due to cultural differences can be avoided by cooperating with partner entrepreneurs not only in Japan but also in Germany, the United States, South Korea, and other countries.

・Our partner companies in Japan have been our closest partners since our founding. We have worked with 7 local companies in Japan and have been successful beyond expectations.

What is the technical level of your company's engineers? Can you ensure progress and high quality?

・About 80% of our engineers are graduates of Hanoi University of Technology and National University.

・For this reason, each engineer has high technical skills in software development.

・In addition, we are constantly studying the latest technical information and always provide the latest technology.

What will your organizational structure look like?

・It includes 4 main departments: web team, backend/full stack team, app team communicator/tester team.

・Engineers are engineers who have received specialized IT education from famous universities such as Hanoi University of Technology and Hanoi National University. Experienced in the development, more than 3 years experience.

・All of them have received specialized development technology training, and there is no problem with language support.

Lisod FAQ Co., Ltd.

What is offshore development?

Offshore development is a development method that entrusts or orders development work for information systems, software, and web systems to overseas development companies and overseas subsidiaries.

What are the trends in offshore development?

The shortage of resources and costs have become major problems due to the fact that IT resources cannot sufficiently keep up.

Therefore, due to reasons such as cost and resource advantages, there is a trend to advance offshore development as a new method mainly in Asia, and this trend is becoming active in Vietnam.

Candidates for offshore contractors are countries that have a rich labor force and can easily secure IT human resources such as system engineers (SEs). Countries that focus on developing IT human resources and have many excellent system engineers are eligible.

Why choose Vietnam for offshore development?

1: Abundant and excellent engineer resources

The number of engineers in Vietnam continues to increase year by year, and together with the national character of being highly ambitious, serious, and diligent, Vietnam’s IT resources and technical capabilities are rapidly increasing their presence.

In recent years, 50,000 students in Vietnam have completed specialized IT courses every year, and it is said that the total number of IT engineers in the country will reach about 400,000 by 2020.


2: Excellent cost and performance

You can expect excellent cost performance in a development environment that utilizes highly skilled engineers while keeping the unit price to a certain extent.




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