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  • Overview:

    Our client is a Japanese company providing a B2B food e-commerce platform. Their portfolio is innovative products designed to optimize processes and digitize operations. The Lisod team was proud to harness the latest technologies to unlock their full potential.

          Services: Backend development, DevOps, Frontend development, Integration services, Project Management

          Industry: E-commerce

          Location: Japan


  • Business Context:

    Our client operates in the e-commerce field and has a request to build a platform that provides food products to businesses with many branches. Selected ingredients range from fresh seasonal produce to specialty ingredients, all sourced from trusted suppliers with an emphasis on quality. Lisod has delivered an e-commerce website that integrates a streamlined ordering process, bulk order discounts, and real-time inventory updates that help partner businesses stay ahead of the curve, while pricing transparency helps eliminate hidden costs. Besides, the platform also helps businesses manage the revenues and expenses of all branches clearly. 


    All this can be done with just a few clicks from the manager. With simple operations, managers can manage a complex process with the e-commerce platform we created.


           Key challenges:

           – Managers can easily place orders for all branches of the business

           – Complete and deploy the project within 1 year

           – Flexible payment

           – Can control inventory and income and expenditure of small branches in the business

  • Work Approach:
    1. Module Data System

    A modular data system approach enabled easy customization and scalability, allowing our customers to tailor the software to their specific needs.

    2. Agile Delivery

    Leveraging Scrum, we prioritized development based on user stories and maintained constant transparency through iterative sprints. This enabled rapid problem-solving and kept us laser-focused on client requirements.

    3. Proactive Collaboration

    Open communication with stakeholders was paramount. We actively sought feedback, anticipated needs, and offered proactive solutions, ensuring our development efforts were constantly aligned with the project’s needs.

    4. Continuous Innovation

    We believe in pushing boundaries. By embracing a culture of creative exploration and staying ahead of industry trends, we proactively introduced novel approaches and technologies to enhance the e-comme

  • Process:

    Project Management: Lisod’s dedicated project management team ensured effective communication, coordination, and timely software solution delivery, closely collaborating with the client throughout the project lifecycle. We conducted thorough requirement analysis, project planning, resource allocation, and risk management to ensure project success. The development team adopted agile methodologies, enabling iterative development, regular feedback cycles, and efficient project tracking and reporting. 

    Front-end Development: Lisod’s front-end developers created visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces (UI) that enhanced user experience and engagement. We used modern front-end technologies like Vue.js frameworks to deliver responsive and mobile-friendly interfaces. Attention was given to design consistency, usability, and accessibility to ensure a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. 

    Back-end Development: Lisod’s back-end development team built robust and scalable software architectures using programming languages like PHP, and Laravel framework, depending on the client’s requirements. We implemented efficient data management and processing mechanisms, ensuring secure data storage, retrieval, and manipulation. The team focused on optimizing performance, scalability, and security while developing APIs and back-end services to facilitate seamless integration with other systems. In addition, the Lisod team also strictly applies ISO 27001 standards to project implementation processes to manage information safety and security.

    DevOps Engineering: The DevOps engineers implemented CI/CD microservices, pipelines, and automation frameworks to accelerate software development, testing, and deployment processes. Our team utilized tools like Docker and Kubernetes to enable seamless integration, version control, and automated testing and deployment. Continuous monitoring, performance optimization, and infrastructure management were integral parts of our DevOps practices to ensure reliable and scalable software solutions.

    Integration Services: Our integration specialists seamlessly integrated the software solution with various external systems, enabling data synchronization and seamless information flow. Lisod team developed custom connectors, APIs, and middleware to establish smooth integration with household meters based on different protocols, ERPs, and other IT systems. The development team conducted rigorous testing and debugging to ensure compatibility, reliability, and data integrity across integrated systems.


  • Project Technology :

    We leveraged a cutting-edge tech stack to build robust and scalable software solutions. Our tech stack includes industry-leading programming languages like JavaScript and modern frameworks like NodeJS and ReactJS. We utilize cloud platforms for secure and scalable infrastructure and implement DevOps practices for efficient development, testing, and deployment. With our comprehensive tech stack, we ensure that our clients receive innovative and future-ready software solutions.

           Front-end: React JS

           Back-end: Node JS

           Infrastructure: AWS

  • Lisod Team :

    We have assembled a team of highly skilled software engineers, project managers, and integration specialists who bring their expertise and passion to this project. Our dedicated team members collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and deliver tailored software solutions that exceed expectations. With a strong focus on communication, teamwork, and technical excellence, our team is committed to driving success for our clients.


            Product team: Project manager

            Development team: Backend developers, DevOps Engineers, Frontend developers, QA, QC.